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The Importance of Details

I’ve never been that kind of person who loves all those details in their look: five bracelets, thousand rings, bright manicure, big earrings, long massive necklace and so on. I’ve always been that kind of person who loves great manicure, interesting minimal rings and few bracelets with watch on her wrist. My view in details always been grounded with the idea that every little bit does really count.

Details can save look or even ruin it. Details – scrupulously thought-out part of the look. So every of us should pay attention in finding a good ones (Forget those cheap accessories!. Is better to have one stunning ring than hundred of them). Good sense in style lies in good accessories. Sometimes details becomes a connection between different clothing styles and creates integrity. Accessories let us play with different looks. details

This is not my everyday accessories. These were for big occasion, but about it later.

What I wear everyday? Good perfume, right minimal accessories and perfect manicure and it’s so enough to be on point.


| Kristina

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