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Checkered Jacket and Shiny Socks

In the centre of todays look – my new woolen checkered jacket which is absolutely one of the best purchase this winter. Yeah, we all are a little bit tired of these jackets all around but checkered items still be fashionable in spring (and in upcoming autumn) so it’s a nice investment for everyone (and it’s a classic item too!!). These jackets are so easy to wear, goes in so many different ways and suits every season. Hundreds of compliments and zero bad words. 

I have big question for myself and of course for you, guys, I know I’m not the one who have this problem. Whats wrong with leather pants? It seems like I’ll never let them go. Leather pants goes so good with everything that I’m starting to forget how do I look in basic pants or jeans.

AND I decided to do not name brands where I bought one or another item. It’s about style, not about brand and price. I usually love combine expensive and cheap things together.

| Kristina

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