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Strength in Every Woman

No, I’m not going to talk about strength in feminine way. It’s about how every of us can add a little bit of strength to our wardrobe, to our look. By strength I mean details that create self-confidence effect. It’s nothing more attractive than confident person. Men’s clothing items make it very easy and it’s nothing new in fashion. So what items I would recommend? Of course, the first item is┬ácheckered jacket – one of the fashion classics. You can style it in so many different ways and create so many different looks. Perfect for day and also can be easily styled for the evening look. Whenever I want to create more stricter look I always put on my favourite pointed heels with zip on the front or any other pointed heels. In general, pointed heels add so much to all kind of outfits. I call them outfit rescuers. Another item which add some strength spice to your look is any kind of small, very high quality bag. The bag tells a lot about a woman so you have to take care of your favourite bags. And never forget about great accessory. Right accessory, this time – big golden earrings perfectly emphasises strong and womanly look.

But most importantly is to understand that nothing dress up us better than inner strength.


| Kristina

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