Trends are something like rules in a fashion game. Crowds of fashion people falls for them, fights for them, do not eat for them and follows them in other ways. Fashion world is always the same but absolutely different. With trendy pieces is the same. One season you call them IT have pieces, other season is not trendy anymore but after few year it comes back.

I can not call myself a fashionista. I do not follow fast fashion trends, I do not buy every trendy stuff. Just have a little rule in this fashion trend game. If I buy trendy piece it has to be very high quality. Why?
Yes, others say that it is not worth to invest into trendy pieces. Because today it is trendy but tomorrow maybe no. Actually, no maybe. BUT. As I said – fashion is spinning around. So if not tomorrow it is safe to say that I am going to wear when it is back again.

Of course, I love to buy trendy pieces sometimes but only those who are classic just in a modern way. For example – these snakeskin cowboy boots. I had ones when I was eleven years old! Remember it so clearly!


And I could say – it’s a really classic fashion piece. If not fashion you can always be stylish with a pair of snakeskin cowboy boots everyday! Goes perfectly with every classic piece like navy jeans, white shirt and minimal jewellery. Love everything what is in snakeskin!