It’s been almost a few years since I recognised that I shop sustainable unconsciously. My goal is to do it more seriously. So these are a few tips of how you can learn it too and join fashion in a little bit of different way!

Look out for plastic on the label. Single-use plastic is one of the most severe issues we are currently failing at as a planet, but you may not be aware that plastic also infiltrated our clothes in the form of fibres. Such as: polyester, nylon and rayon. They are simply another form of plastic and the majority of them are used into active wear textiles.

Shop vintage. This is my favourite part of sustainable living! There are so many amazing sources of vintage fashion that offer guilt-free fashion purchases. I have found silk blouses, 100% cashmere coats and sweaters. Those last for a lifetime! And they are definitely my favourite fashion pieces that I wear over and over again!


Shop less. Shop better. Invest more in quality pieces and try to avoid flash-in-the-pan trends! Fact: more than half our purchases are discarded in less than a year! Capsule wardrobe is the key!


Re-think your beauty choices. All of us know that we don’t need hundreds of different beauty products. Research your favourites and then buy only those. And of course, get rid of silicone from your routine! Silicone is a magic plastic – it’s only there to produce more dramatic results. 


Donate or sell. I know that sometimes it is hard to say goodbye to a fashion piece but if you did not wear it for a year you definitely do not need it! Of course do not just throw it away. There are many platforms where you can sell or donate your old stuff! (Will talk about it later)

I hope these tips were helpful for you and you will join me in this sustainable and slow fashion way!

| Kristina