Straw handbags you can see all over the place right now and it’s so adorable, these handbags give such a girly, parisian vibes to your look. I would say it’s a definitely the must have and not only for the summer season! The straw bag is practical, versatile (you can wear it with everything – even go to summer parties!) and so stylish.

Wear it with casual things, for quick outings or get your summer time picnic to the next level. This bag can stow it all. In style. A timeless statement in warm weather seasons. Summertime perfection in a bag, indeed. straw

Fashion history says that the first straw handbags were made in Philippines but the first thought that comes into my head – is not a palms, beaches but Paris and parisian girls with these handbags full of fruits, baguettes and croissants in their hands. This is how I feel when I go for my Saturday ritual – croissants shopping at the little local bakery.


Love straw handbags and can’t wait to have a picnic!


| Kristina