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The Only Plastic Bag I Want To Use

Even these days when life in plastic ISN’T fantastic and we are not barbies, you will agree that this plastic bag is FANTASTIC. Easy to clean, simple to style, light to carry and on trend! So. Hot. Since 2018. Spring. Summer.

Where did this trend came from? Send thanks for Raf Simons who unveiled a goldfish-orange acetate shopping bag for his spring/summer 2011 at Jil Sander. Customers went wild for it. The piece sold out almost instantly. Bloggers and fashion sites called the bag “Anti-It Bag”. In the era when the fashion dream was to own an Herm├Ęs Birkin or a Fendi baguette, Raf challenged the idea of what a desirable handbag looked like. And it just proofed that Raf has always been ahead of his time. We can see plastic bag trend on rolled around runways since 2014 and we finally got in street style since 2018. Love it or hate it!

I truly believe that any bag you love to the max is an amazing investment. Interesting bag can be worn over and over again. By the way, this one reminds me of my childhood. I have owned little small plastic bag where I kept my savings.


This one I bought with the idea to bring with me for shopping in the market on summer days. But wore it so much to work and on weekdays with other beautiful bags inside. As my colleague had once asked: Is this bag in the bag? Yes! Plastic bag is an amazing way to express yourself in every little detail and it can always look so different.

| Kristina

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