As all you know, I’m obsessed with snakeskin handbags and I can match it with absolutely everything. But snakeskin and checkered items is a new level to me. My wardrobe just met this new item – checkered skirt with yellow lines on the sides. It’s such a modern and classy item at the same time. So I decided to wear it together with my woolen and very loved jacket on these cold days.

snakeskinWoolen jacket + woolen sweater under + woolen skirt = And you are ready for these freaking cold lithuanian winter days. snakeskin

Love the colours of this checkered jacket.
And of course I can’t imagine any of my looks without these leather shoes with zips on the front. So happy about this quick and unplanned purchase. Not all impulsive purchases are bad and needless. 

How you keep yourself warm on these extremely cold days?

| Kristina