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Obsessed with Details: Fake Pearls

“Pearls go on and on… on everything”, Vogue declared in fifties, but we could’ve just as easily been talking about the recent year in fashion. In 2017 fake pearls appears on every kind of clothes and accessories. Especially fashion house Gucci – felt in love with fake pearls decorated shoes.

I’m “all about the details” person, but when it comes to something fake like pearls… I’m not a big fan. Unless fake pearls are used in edgy accessory designs. So that’s why I’m so obsessed with my new boots. Edgy and so girly at the same time. Adds a bit of ‘taste’ to my everyday looks. pearls

And definitely these shoes are going to be on the top of Zara’s sales this season. So go and grab a pair for yourself (maybe not the same ones but something edgy and with pearls!) and spice up your look!

| Kristina

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