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Vintage and All Time Must Have: Oversized Jacket

This is going to be the topic where I’ll be presenting my vintage trophies. Usually when I go thrifting I do look both for classic or super eye catching goods. I believe that those super eye catching things are not worth big money and high street fashion stores it is not the right place to buy them.
But this time about eye catching classic – a little bit mascule but very feminine at the same time. This is one of my best vintage trophies – checkered jacket.


I already wore it for two years all seasons long: for chilly days in summer, for layering in autumn, for coziness in winter and as a coat in spring. I believe that almost all qualitative and classic pieces can be worn for all year for all seasons. Even those who cost only 2 euros and few euros for sewing service! Retailer price for this kind jacket is thousand times bigger!

Where are so many perfect and stylish pieces in vintage store that you can resurrect for the new life!

| Kristina

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