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Blue: Cowgirl Of Modern Times

Blue is the colour of loyalty, wisdom and calmness. I absolutely believe of colours psychological effect. And absolutely believe that colours can say a lot about us, about our inner world and beliefs.
Naivy blue strenghtens self-confidence and accentuate my eyes, sharpens the look. When I wear naivy blue I feel more braced up. This colour brings so much to my daily life. And this is the reason how unconscious my wardrobe filled up with this colour.


Shiny jacket | Vintage Turtle neck sweater | 2 years old Chino style trousers | Vintage Cowboy boots | Zara, new
Full outfit for about 52 euros!


| Kristina


  1. Eda

    Great style ! : )
    I think this style very suit for me!
    But this one have other color?

    • KRST

      Thank You! These are vintage pieces so sadly you are unable to find other sizes or colours :(

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